WPSimulator.com - Matt Garrett

Vendor: Matt Garrett

Launch Date & Time: 05/01/13 at 4:00 pm (EST)

JV-Link: www.wpsimulator.com/partners/

Affiliate Network:

Affiliate Links:

Price & Commissions:
F/E $27-$47 at 50%
OTO $19.95 at 50%

Additional Launch Details:
WPSimulator is a pro development tool that allows people to have a full copy of their WordPress site running locally on their pc, laptop or Mac, so they can fully develop new & existing sites locally before making them live online, including testing out new plugins & themes for conflict problems, and setting up new themes correectly before migration.

Product Tags: blogging, wp

Contact Info:
Skype: mattg69

Email: askmattg@gmail.com


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